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Kanha is the most Streamlined Cannabis Seed to Sale ERP Software

Kanha’s cannabis ERP software is your Seed to Sale backbone for managing Cannabis, CBD and Hemp Operations: Processing, Manufacturing, Dispensary, White-Labeling, Toll-Processing, and Contract Manufacturing.

Tim Gordon Cannabis Group partners with Kanha
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Tim Gordon of Gordon Cannabis Group Endorses Kanha Software for the Future of the Cannabis Industry

The entire Cannabis industry is tired of fly-by-night fake solutions that fail after a year or two. Kanha is time tested, global scale and continues to innovate year after year. I have seen Kanha support all verticals from a single Dispensary to a Government agency.

Kanha is the World’s first Pre-Seed to Post-Export ERP ™ (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software

Kanha’s Cannabis managing software is more than seed-to-sale; we have created the world’s first Pre-Seed to Post-Export ERP ™ to facilitate every aspect of the commercial cannabis industry. Whether you operate as single-person cultivation, as a vertically integrated commercial operation or as a multinational corporation focused on import and export, we have the solution your company needs to maximize your ability to progress to your highest potential.

We’ve all heard the term “seed-to-sale software” and when initially presented it gives us all the idea there is a track and traceability system in place that tracks everything from planting the seeds to sales to the customer. Unfortunately, this is NOT correct, in most cases, and what seed-to-sale really means is that from the time a seed is planted the product is tracked through the process until it is sold to the next phase of production – i.e., when a cultivator plants their seeds the cannabis is tracked from that moment through the vegetative phase, then flowering, and harvesting, but it normally stops there. Once the product is sold or transferred to the manufacturer or dispensary there is another system needed for manufacturing, inventory, Point-of-Sale, accounting, etc.

Quality Customer support for all Clients

Quality software with good customer support is very rare. Kanha Technologies was created to fix that fundamental issue everyone is currently facing in the Cannabis Industry.

Kanha exists for you to succeed. We are here to help you and your business.

What’s the best Seed to Sale Cannabis software?2022-10-05T14:29:21-06:00

Kanha Technologies has a robust system of Cannabis software that covers everything from Seed to Sale. Not only is Kanha the most advanced Cannabis software on the market it is the easiest to use with the least clicks and least amount of time waiting.

What is ERP and how does it work?2022-09-21T14:47:54-06:00

ERP, or “Enterprise Resource Planning,” is a streamlined method of compiling and arranging corporate data using a comprehensive software system. A collection of tools included in ERP software automates a variety of corporate processes, including manufacturing, sales quoting, accounting, and more. Kanha provides the most streamlined ERP on the market.

How to Start a Marijuana Business2022-09-21T14:56:50-06:00
  • Create your business plan after deciding what type of marijuana business to launch.
  • Register your marijuana company and acquire any necessary licenses or permits.
  • Sign up to pay taxes.
  • Find investors and Partners.
  • Choose a software like Kanha that can run every aspect of your new business.
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Getting the most streamlined cannabis ERP software has never been so easy


Learn How Kanha can help you

Kanha helps by actually looking at your needs and tailoring the software just for you. We offer a free consultation to discover all your busines needs.


Fastest software onboarding process

Kanha’s ERP has the Cannabis industry’s fastest onboarding process. You won’t lose any time or money migrating over to Kanha.


Enjoy saving time and money

Kanha does all the heavy lifting. Our developers are continuously updating the software for your exact needs and future requirements.

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Be the Hero of your cannabis organization with the tools Kanha offers.

Adopting Kanha allows your team to focus on their real roles. Forget hours of data entry, manual input into track and trace and exporting data to create usable reports. Kanha does it all for you.

The team that adopts Kanha will be immediately more effective. Everyone in your organization will be able to improve the cultivation and help grow the business. Good software should do the work and your team will thank you for bringing on a system that effectively does it all. Operations, Finance, Cultivation staff will find their teams focusing on the important aspects of the business rather than busy work.

Do you want to spend your time improving your business or just reporting on it? Kanha will buy you (and your team) time by automating the collection and storage of data needed to inform decision making, maximize tax deductions, and keep the business legally compliant. Kanha collects data in the background as processes run. That data is sent to managers, regulators, and advisors through auto generated reports. By removing the onus on employees to manually collect data, Kanha increases the time that teams can use to analyze data and deliver business insights.

Kanha streamlines the historically arduous nature of collecting and reporting data so that employees can focus more on what they are good at – improving business outcomes. Stop merely reporting your results and start learning from them.

Kanha Software is trusted by these Brands, Universities, & Governments

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How Kanha Software helps you scale exponentially

The Kanha platform is based on the same world scale technology that is used to power Fortune 500 companies and government entities. Kanha offers a 99.95% uptime service level agreement to ensure that your cultivation will never go dark. Your cannabis business doesn’t sleep and neither should your software.

Cannabis businesses encounter a unique set of challenges related to tracking COGS and systems. Kanha allows full visibility of every aspect of your business from the time you plant until you are ready to go to market. No more confusion surrounding ductions and real costs. Kanha tracks everything as your business grows and allows your team to make sound business decisions based on rock solid data.

Kanha is completely configurable to fit the unique needs of your cannabis business. User roles can be created to limit access based on the position within the company. Kanha’s extensive reporting and analytics components allow our customers to gain deep insight into all aspects of their business and to eliminate inefficiencies. Beyond that if you can’t find an analytic or report Kanha will gladly build it for your team at no additional charge. It’s all part of being a Kanha user.

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