We are inundated with news and information on legal cannabis via social media, news sources, newsletters, and word of mouth. Although having alternatives is excellent, sometimes it’s nice to stop and listen to a few folks talk in-depth about just one subject.

Because of this, podcasts should be a part of any cannabis industry professional’s media library. Below is a selection of some of our favorite and smartest cannabis-related podcasts.

#1 Blunt Business Cannabis Radio

Navigating the ever-changing laws and regulations in this market is one of the most difficult components, especially for potential dispensary operators.

The Blunt Business podcast hosts are here to assist anyone who is feeling overloaded with information.

Bethany Niebauer, a cannabis compliance expert who assists cannabis business owners with their licensing and application procedures, serves as the presenter of the Blunt Business podcast.

Every episode of this podcast, which was made with the intention of assisting company owners in navigating the difficulties and possibilities associated with working with cannabis, contains useful information gleaned through interviews and discussions with specialists in the field.

To further comprehend the complexity of cannabis, take a look at episodes like “The Cannabis Industry’s Hardest Hitting Issues” or “New York City Cannabis Laws.”

#2 Seed to CEO Cannabis Business

As its name suggests, Seed to CEO is devoted to all would-be cannabis CEOs.

This weekly podcast, hosted by Chris Walsh, CEO of MJBizDaily, features conversations with various CEOs to learn about their distinctive perspectives and achievements.

Listeners of Seed to CEO may fast get inside information that would often need years of industry expertise.

Raising capital for your cannabis business, industry blunders to avoid, legalization projections, and sustainability are just a few of the topics discussed.

#3 Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

You should listen to the Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast by Kis Organics if you’re more interested in the aspect of cannabis that affects plants.

For the latest news and analysis on growing, the podcast interviews top professionals from the cannabis horticulture and gardening fields.

The program is based on science and research and identifies any improper farming methods in order to advance the best practices.

This podcast is a must-listen for growers and cultivators of all sizes since it has the greatest and most recent information.

#4 Pot to Popular

Rosie Mattio is one of the most well-known figures in the cannabis communications industry and the founder of the cannabis PR company MATTIO Communications.

Her podcast, From Pot to Popular, offers an intriguing inside look at how the top players in the sector are bringing cannabis into popular culture.

This insightful podcast has important appearances from famous business leaders, CEOs, and journalists who each contribute their own unique set of success hacks.

Enjoy explanations of tricky problems in the cannabis market, including how to raise money in a sector that is still prohibited by the federal government, or discussions of how brands might promote social fairness more effectively.

For every business professional who is fixated on the big picture, whether c-suite executives, entrepreneurs, or aspiring business people, From Pot to Popular is the ideal cup of tea.

#5 Weed + Grub

Weed + Grub is a can’t-miss canna goodie for anyone searching for an enjoyable, humorous, cannabis-focused podcast. The hosts Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson’s dazzling charm is perhaps a contributing factor in the attractiveness.

A comedian with an Emmy nomination, Glazer is well-known for his work with Jon Stewart. He was also included in Marijuana Venture’s list of the 40 Under 40 cannabis enthusiasts.

After serving as the Culture Editor of High Times magazine for a while, Gibson has created a reputation for herself as a writer, most notably as the cannabis columnist for Rolling Stone.

Together with notable guests like Topher Grace, NBA player Al Harrington, and Jim Belushi, the two smoke, munch, chat, and discuss everything marijuana.

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