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THC Cannabis Cultivation Software by Kanha

THC Cannabis Cultivation requires a lot of effort and Kanha Software has cut that effort in half. Start spending more time with what you love and less time messing with software.

THC Cannabis Farm using Kanha Software

Discover the most common questions about THC Cannabis Cultivation Software.

At Kanha we seem to come across the same questions about Cannabis Cultivation software over and over. Below you will find answers to those cultivation questions.

Can I track non cannabis inventory with Cannabis Software?2022-09-23T10:07:18-06:00

You can track everything from fertilizer to shipping labels in Kanha Software. Allowing you a comprehensive view of your cannabis cultivation.

What THC Cultivation software automatically integrates to state tracking platforms?2022-09-23T10:05:27-06:00

Kanha software has a real time Metrc integration and reduces your time in Metrc by 90%.

What Cannabis Cultivation software has anayltics?2022-09-23T10:02:50-06:00

Kanha software tracks everything within a cannabis cultivation from seed to sale. Our extensive reporting and analytics base give you access to all the important data from your operation

If you have additional questions or would like to begin using Kanha THC Cultivation software please reach out.

Menka Cannabis Cultivator holding up leaf

“I F****d up too many excel docs over the years causing me to loose money and time. Kanha has changed everything for us. Love that I can use my phone!

Andrés C. – Lead Cultivator

Focus on growing Cannabis not on the data entry.

Kanha software helps with growing Cannabis making your life easier, and your daily workflow more efficient by taking away the endless amounts of data entry. Kanha THC/Cannabinoid cultivation software is designed to enhance your business and allow you to focus on the things that generate revenue. Key components to this process are tracking, inventory, tracking COGS, and tracking sales.

Kanha understands the cannabis and hemp industries. We work intimately with customers from all over the world to build functions that make a business run more effectively. Kanha also offers extremely detailed reporting and analytics to give our customers deeply important insights into the current state of their business and a roadmap for future growth.

Automated Metrc Reporting

Real time Metrc integration that also continues to send when Metrc goes down thus keeping your business running when Metrc is not. Learn more about Metrc here

Fully Customizable Processes

Extremely high levels of configurability to match each cultivation’s unique processes

Automatic tag changing

Tag changing for entire plant groups at the click of a button

100% Tax Deductible

Entirely tax deductible as a tool of cultivation under IRS 280e

How Kanha is unique in the Cannabis software world

Kanha is unique in the cannabis software space in that at our core we are a software development firm. We are passionate about constant innovation and integration. Our offerings are constantly evolving to meet the needs of every market both in the US and internationally.

Kanha views reporting and analytics as part of our white glove experience. Kanha has extensive reporting and analytics, but unlike most software companies, if we don’t have the report or analytic that your company needs, Kanha will be happy to build the report to your specifications. We also do this quickly. No more waiting weeks or months to have access to the reporting that you need to help your business grow.

Kanha Software cultivation farm

Kanha deals with Metrc and data entry so you can enjoy your day.

Let’s face it no one got into cannabis to spend their entire day entering data into a Metrc workstation. Kanha allows your teams to disengage from Metrc and have the software do all the heavy lifting. Kanha will handle every aspect from tag and phase changes to remediation. And keeps you in compliance by documenting every step of the way.

Kanha streamlines every phase of your cannabis cultivation. What used to take multiple pages of input and hopes that the servers don’t go down can now be done at the click of a mouse. Allowing you to focus on your passion for cannabis and growth. We understand the data points that are integral to not only running your business effectively but also to moving towards growth and expansion.

Kanha eliminates the guesswork on what is and isn’t deductible. We track all of the COGS within your business. Kanha provides full visibility on all of the components of your cultivation facility and helps you to get away from endless spreadsheets. Kanha gives you access to all the Key Performance Indicators that help you make sound business decisions and increase revenue.