Kanha CMS

(Cannabis Management System)

Your Technical Solution for Managing Cannabis and CBD Manufacturing Operations.

Kanha CMS is a full management system built to serve the daily challenges of running Manufacturing, Processing, White Labeling, Toll-Processing, and Contract Manufacturing Businesses.


Automate your entire purchasing process and send Purchase Orders to your vendors in minutes.


Seamlessly receive products into inventory and track all transformation and products created in case of recall, all the way down to the pesticides and other ingredients used.

Get notified when you have too much or too little inventory.

Set automatic inventory notifications when stock is low or excessive.

Track all inventory, cannabis and non-cannabis in multiple locations.


Multiple concurrent production calendars enable you to schedule your production out for weeks or even months down to the batch and employees involved.

All processes are tied back to your inventory so you know exactly when you'll run out based on your schedule.

Kitting and Integrated SOPs enable your employees to follow your exact process every time.

Track the metrics you want to see with our simple step by step process control and data capture.

Automatic calculations based on input potency reduce human error and save time, no more math or calculators for your employees.

Helps you manage Manufacturing processes REAL-TIME, eliminating downtime and waste.


B2B interface enables your customers to access to your real time inventory to place orders, you get a PO in your inbox instantly, all you have to do is fulfill.

Native iOS and Android applications enable your sales team to quickly create sales orders in the field.


Watch the heartbeat of your business in Realtime and drive your organization in the right direction with incredible insight and control into YOUR KPIs.

Customize your dashboard to show you things that matter you most.

Know your TRUE COGS with wages incorporated.

Integrates with METRC, Quickbooks, Leaflink and Hypur

Automate and control your METRC reporting and save hundreds of hour of your employees' time.

Integration with LeafLink is in development NOW!

Our comprehensive integration with QuickBooks allow you to use one interface instead of switching between systems. See the recent review from a Cannabis CPA.

We pull orders and new customers from LeafLink.

We are integrated with Hypur for financial transaction authenticity.


Kanha delivers a non-duplicative process flow, automating processes that are typically performed manually within the industry.

Kanha CMS helps streamline processes for optimal efficiency.

More Features and Characteristics

Never Go Dark® and never lose access to your information.

Scan barcodes and input information with the iOS and Android Mobile apps for your employees and sales reps.

Keep everyone on the same page with integrated chat functions, use one platform to manage your entire business!

Our software solution creates business value by turning customer concepts into world class software implementations.

Our system is designed through partnerships with industry leading companies who have experienced the same need in technology solutions.

Kanha Technology Solutions has expanded service to the CBD market, allowing this industry to benefit from the same competitive ability that Kanha CMS provides.