Our Company

Based in Colorado, on the forefront of Cannabis legalization, Kanha Technology Solutions believes in building solutions that begin and end with our customer's needs.

We are obsessive about our customer's success in the nascent industry, and are constantly building tools based on changing regulations.

Our Company

We are a Colorado Company working with METRC compliance system.

We are a METRC approved software provider in multiple states, and quickly expanding.

We have been providing management and productivity software for the past 3 decades through our award winning sister company Softbase Inc.

We have a long history of providing high-performance business automation software for complex operations, including Fortune 500 companies and public utilities.

Our founder was a Principal Software Architect at Microsoft Corporation, building enterprise level systems in Banking, Transportation, Aerospace, Energy, Finance and Insurance for Fortune 500 companies and Government.

We have built the functionality to serve the Cannabis industry with all the "….abilities"

Kanha CMS is a highly scalable software, easily custom fit to run our customer's business with the agility to adapt to the unique business processes that our customers have.

Using Kanha CMS gives customers a competitive advantage by providing actionable data and analytics across all areas of operations.