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Kanha Software has reduced the work needed for cannabis production exponentially. Start focusing more of your time on what you enjoy and less on playing around with software.

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Learn the answers to the most frequent questions regarding cannabis manufacturing software.

At Kanha we see that the same questions concerning software for cannabis manufacturing keep coming up. The solutions to these manufacturing-related questions are provided below.

Is there a GMP compliant software in the Cannabis Industry?2022-09-23T10:27:45-06:00

Yes Kanha provides all the functionality and steps needed to make your business fully GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant.

Does any Cannabis Software offer guarantee or service level agreement?2022-09-23T10:26:13-06:00

Kanha offers a 99.95% uptime agreement to ensure your software and business are always operational. This agreement is what sets Kanha apart from others in the industry.

What Cannabis software reports to government track and trace systems?2022-09-23T10:20:19-06:00

Kanha software can interact with any track and trace solutions via real time or set time protocols. Even if the another system is down Kanha will automatically sync when that system comes back online.

Please contact us if you need more information or if you want to start using Kanha Manufacturing software.

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We all love being able to use our phones to step through the different processes. Kanha even helped set us up!

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Discover why constant innovation is important with Kanha.

Kanha is based on the principle of constant innovation. A core component to this philosophy is a streamlined software that does all the heavy lifting for our customers. Kanha believes that if the software can perform a function then it should, relieving the user of complicated manual steps or having to enter the same data multiple times. We build our systems so that the user performs as few steps as possible. Kanha does the hard work so your team can stay focused on the business of growing your organization.

Kanha contains all the key components of a traditional ERP, but is focused specifically on the cannabis and hemp industries. Our software is easy to use, and easy to learn. Every component of your business is addressed within our software from purchasing, to production/extraction and sales. Our greatest goal is to provide all the necessary tools to help your business grow, and streamline all of your production processes.

We have innovated cannabis specific processes into our software to save you time and energy. Our Kanha software engine communicates with State track and trace systems in real time saving you 35 hours per week in a busy processor. Our harvest post-processing system saves you 4 hours of data entry per large harvest. The Kanha market recall system is the first for the cannabis industry and provides easy notification to all parties automatically with your bespoke message via email and SMS texting, keeping the public safe. These are only a few examples of the Continuous Innovation that Kanha brings to cannabis operators.

AI Adapting Software

Kanha streamlines every aspect of your manufacturing business by tracking every action within the software and allowing our customer to perform tasks in the fewest clicks possible.

Connect to all applications

Kanha offers extensive integrations to all of the applications you need to run your business including state-level track and trace & Quickbooks.

Immediate customer support

Kanha offers industry leading support. In the rare instance that you have an issue within your software our team goes to work to resolve your issues as quickly and painlessly as possible.

How Kanha Software makes your business run more effciently.

Software should make your business and internal processes run more efficiently. Kanha accomplishes this by performing countless tasks that previously had to be performed manually. We firmly believe that if the software can perform the task then it should. Kanha allows you to do everything from purchasing, to production, to reporting and sales as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Kanha’s manufacturing software is built to handle every component of your manufacturing processes. Build out complex processes and easily automate. Thus making you automatically GMP ready just by implementing our software. Kanha also allows you to manage your production processes by building multiple concurrent production calendars that track your labor and the inventory needed to complete the processes. Kanha performs automatic calculations based on input potency to allow your teams to quickly perform their tasks without the need of complex equations or chemists. These automatic calculations allow you to save time and reduce human error.

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Kanha provides unique and customized solutions to each client.

The cannabis industry is unique and requires unique refined solutions to make business more effective. Many of our users have told us that the industry has solutions that don’t capture and automate all of the necessary functions and data of their business. The opposite end of the spectrum is represented by traditional ERP suites that are costly, very time consuming to implement and very labor intensive for daily use. Kanha resides in the sweet spot between these extremes. Kanha is developed in conjunction with our users to address every task a cannabis facility may encounter, and many that they may not have anticipated. Kanha also provides a much faster implementation/onboarding time than the enterprise solutions from the traditional space while offering far greater ease of use, industry leading configurability and value. Learning the system is a breeze for our users and provides a much quicker path to efficiency for our customers.

Kanha has far more extensive reporting than many of our competitors. Kanha allows our users to track all important KPIs within their organization on the back end. Kanha also has an extremely robust COGS tracking component to maximize deductions under 280e and allow our customers to focus on inefficiencies or areas that need growth. In addition to Kanha’s native reporting our customers love the fact that custom reports and analytics are all part of the system and available at no additional fee. Kanha is the industry’s most streamlined solution and offers the best support to get your issues resolved quickly and easily. We do the work keep your business running as efficiently as possible and to map your path to massive growth. Kanha is also built on the same World Scale Technology that runs Fortune 500 companies and government and we encrypt our customer’s sensitive data not only in flight but also on our servers, thus protecting all aspects of your business via security and reliability

Kanha offers extensive reporting and analytics which allow you to make business decisions and projections based on real time data and inventory. Kanha also offers an exclusive business intelligence dashboard which can be customized per user and role within your organization. Allow your key players to access the data they need from their personalized drop down dashboards at any screen within the software. No jumping from screen to screen to see the data you need when you need it.