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Kanha’s Banking Risk Management system (BRMS) is an end-to-end banking compliance platform designed for banks that are considering entering, or who are already serving the cannabis industry that have a need to improve their processes. Our BRM platform eliminates the need to re-create the wheel, so you do not have when it comes to stringent banking compliance regulations required to support this very high-risk industry.

Additionally, our BRM system will streamline the application and onboarding process which typically takes several weeks and will reduce staffing requirements needed to manage the continued monitoring and account activity, which increases productivity and new customer velocity.

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Banking Risk Management today

There are not a lot of financial institutions out there that support cannabis. Not every financial institution will support cannabis, and that is because the resources needed for a successfully compliant program are expensive. Today, there are many compliance platforms on the market that aid in the application and onboarding process as well as continued monitoring. However, many do not incorporate an end-to-end solution for a simple annual subscription. Many features that financial institutions require simply are not included or are lacking in up-to-date functionality. However, for financial institutions who require specialized elements for their compliance program, we will provide a customized solution.

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What bank risk management will be in the future with Kanha

Kanha’s goal is help our banking customers create a differentiating customer experience – maximize profitability, reduce manual effort and cost, and improve information security, while meeting the rigorous compliance requirements inherent to cannabis banking. This allows banks to service multiple customers without the need for adding multiple staff to track, monitor and manage.

Our focus is helping financial institutions streamline their cannabis banking compliance and onboarding by eliminating manual efforts through automation so they can better manage the entire customer experience.

Next Steps for banks to become early adopters and what it means for them

We are committed to providing financial institutions with a state-of-the-art Banking Risk Management solution with our end-to-end offering. We plan to extend the opportunity for a limited number of interested banks to participate in Kanha’s Founder’s Circle to aid in the development and customization of our Banking Risk Management platform. Our Founders Circle members will receive introductory pricing with a guarantee at production release rollout of over the Founder’s Circle pricing for the finished BRMS software. Thus, the maximum price for Kanha BRMS will be reduced for two years for participating banking partners under this program.

Early Adopter Slots are Filling up.

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