Industrial Hemp Cultivation2022-09-29T17:42:08-06:00

Industrial Hemp Cultivation Software by Kanha

Kanha Software has reduced the work needed for industrial hemp cultivation by half. Stop fiddling with software and start spending more time doing what you love.

THC Cannabis Farm using Kanha Software

Learn about the most common questions about Industrial Hemp Cultivation Software.

Kanha has compiled the most common questions about Hemp Cultivation software. Below you will find the questions and answers.

Is there a Cannabis or Hemp software with unlimited users?2022-09-23T10:15:32-06:00

Kanha allows for unlimited users under your cultivation’s subscription and every single user on your team can have their profile tailored to fit their specific role. Users can even setup custom KPI’s and Analytics for every aspect.

What Cannabis or Hemp Software manages inventory?2022-09-23T10:13:31-06:00

Kanha manages every piece of inventory in your business including non hemp materials like office supplies and nutrients.

What Cannabis or Hemp Software Integrates with Quickbooks?2022-09-23T10:11:43-06:00

Kanha Software has a deep integration with Quickbooks with automatic exports for Quickbooks online users. Easily sync all your accounting needs automatically.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions or want to start utilizing the Kanha Hemp Cultivation software.

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“Industrial Hemp Cultivation just got a Superhero. Our days got so much shorter and easier with Kanha.


John K. – COO

Kanha streamlines all areas of your Hemp cultivation opperation.

Kanha allows your business to streamline all components of a Hemp operation. Kanha manages purchasing at every level via our extremely robust purchase system. Kanha manages your inventory and provides real time inventory to your team and customers. Kanha tracks every important data point in your hemp business and offers rich analytics at the click of a button.

Kanha adds a level of customization which traditional ERPs cannot match. Every part of your software will be tailored to fit your specific needs. Personalized dashboards allow every member of your team to focus on their specific role and data points.

Automated Purchase Orders

Automate your purchasing process with an efficient Purchase Order creation and tracking system. Kanha’s purchasing system can create long and complicated POs automatically per vendor from previous Purchase Orders.

Automatic Government Syncing

As always Kanha links to state level track and trace systems. Kanha is always working in the background sending all pertinent information to your local regulators thus eliminating manual data entry. Our communication is always on meaning is your government track and trace system is down, Kanha will continue to spool data and resend until the service comes back online. No downtime for your business.

Complete Analytics

Kanha’s extensive reporting and business intelligence dashboard allow you to visualize your entire grow with Kanha Gantt. You can also visually forecast your entire operation with our calendars giving far greater insight into high revenue points from projected harvests.

How Kanha Software helps Hemp Growers

Let’s be honest: nobody became a hemp grower to spend their days typing data into the computer all day. Kanha enables your staff to detach from computers and spreadsheets and let the program handle all the labor-intensive tasks. From tag and phase modifications to remediation, Kanha will take care of everything, and maintain your compliance by logging each step along the route.

Every stage of your hemp growth is streamlined by Kanha. What used to require several pages of input and the hope that the servers wouldn’t crash may now be completed with a mouse click thus letting you concentrate on your farm and personal development. We comprehend the data elements necessary for running your organization successfully.

Kanha Software cultivation farm

Why Kanha is the leading cultivation software.

Being a software development company at our heart sets Kanha apart from other cultivation software companies. We have a strong drive for continuous innovation and integration. Our products are always changing to match the demands of every market, both domestically and abroad.

At Kanha, reporting and analytics are an integral component of our white glove service. Kanha offers a wide range of reporting and analytics, but unlike most software providers, we will be pleased to create the report you require if we don’t already have it.