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Government Track and Trace Software by Kanha

Kanha Software has drastically reduced the amount of work required for cannabis government track and trace. Utilize Kanha’s Track & Trace to save money, time, and labor.

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Discover the most common questions about Government Cannabis Track and Trace Software.

At Kanha we seem to come across the same questions about Government Track and Trace software over and over. Below you will find answers to those Track and Trace questions.

Is there an automated Cannabis Government Track and Trace?2022-09-23T12:45:25-06:00

The Kanha Track and Trace system automates the following activities: Cannabis business license application, Cannabis business license issuance, Government badge issuance, Cannabis worker badge issuance, Patient medical cards, Food safety and Market recall. This is only a partial list of the features and functionality available exclusively in the Kanha Track and Trace platform.

How does Government Track and Trace identify cannabis packages as being legal?2022-09-23T12:43:24-06:00

The Kanha system creates tracking tags for plants and cannabis packages. These tracking tags are RFID-enabled tags. Each tag is also represented with a barcoded number that is registered with the State and is non-duplicateable.

How many people does it take to rollout a National Track and Trace system?2022-09-23T12:42:32-06:00

The Kanha track and trace system is the most streamlined Track and Trace system existing today. Many of the functions built into Track and Trace are automated. You will need to hire the least amount of people with Kanha Track and Trace as compared to any of our competitors.

If you have additional questions or would like to begin using Kanha Track and Trace software please reach out.

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“We had become overwhelmed by the amount of incorrect data that comes in through all the various Cannabis reports. Kanha resolved our issues.

Walter P. – IT Specialist

Learn how Kanha helps Governments at all levels.

State, national and local governments use Kanha’s cannabis and hemp traceability system’s broad tracking and reporting features to help with law enforcement, tax collection, product quality assurance, and combating illicit cannabis diversion and inversion.

Through the whole production process, the technology enables regulatory bodies to see every gram of legal cannabis or hemp. The technology, which came from fortune 500 companies and government contracts, was first created as an all-in-one ERP system for every Cannabis Vertical.

Full Cannabis Control

Stop contaminated goods from entering regulated markets and stop regulated goods from entering the black market.

Complete patient tracking

Every patient has a unique ID number created by the Traceability System, which can also work with hardware to manufacture patient identification cards. Real-time validation of patient information and sales restrictions is simple.

Instant reporting & Insights

100% live plant inventory monitoring. AI prediction for future supply insights and complete strain tracking.

Enterprise level tracking with AI reporting and key insights.

Kanha’s comprehensive enterprise cannabis seed to sale cultivation software platform aids licensed operators in any legal market in identifying key data points across the supply chain to streamline and optimize inventory management and improve operations at each phase of the operation, including cultivation, processing, destruction and waste, transportation and distribution, lab testing, and dispensing. This platform also helps licensed operators in any legal market in 2020 and beyond to remain compliant. ultimately giving you access to management tools that may boost output, reduce expenses, and guarantee the industry receives high-quality goods.

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Kanha Government Compliance tracks more than just Seed to Sale.

A customized inventory management program called “seed to sale” keeps track of legal cannabis plants from the beginning of their life cycle until the moment they are sold to the final customer. Imagine it as a simple seed-to-sale CRM that provides marijuana growers, processors, and dispensaries with simple sale tracking, connected APIs, and simple record keeping from a single location. In order to avoid product theft, aid in recalls, and provide authorities a comprehensive picture of the market, seed to sale tracking is crucial across the supply chain. The greatest seed-to-sale software available today accomplishes this and much more. In addition to assisting you in maintaining compliance, Kanha’s marijuana seed to sale software provides you with the resources you need to expand your business and save time.

The marijuana business was the target market for the Kanha seed to sale tracking program. The inventory management system will assist states and authorized marijuana firms in keeping track of stock along the supply chain and ensuring that goods are secure before they are made available to the general public. This promotes the expansion and potential growth of both licensed firms and industries.

Kanha is not sitting on its laurels just because it has been in the business for more than ten years. With the aim of assisting businesses with compliance growth from top to bottom, we added a number of new features to the platform in 2020 alone to help manage operations, give increased capabilities, and limit costs.

With the aid of our committed government affairs team and our committed support staff, our best-in-class seed-to-sale software assists customers in meeting and staying ahead of constantly evolving regulatory compliance. Your cannabis business’s smooth operation is our top concern.

The main objective is to sell a secure, premium product to the end user after each cannabis seed has germinated. Both company owners and government authorities may guarantee a secure and legal cannabis economy for years to come by utilizing Kanha’s seed to sale software and point of sale system.