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Cannabis distribution takes a lot of effort, but Kanha Software has reduced it your work tremendously. Reduce your time tinkering with software and start spending more time doing what you enjoy.

Distribution using Kanha Software

The most frequently asked questions concerning cannabis distribution software.

We at Kanha see that customers frequently ask the same questions concerning cannabis distribution software. You can find responses to those questions about distribution below.

Is there a Cannabis software that offers tracking capabilities for deliveries?2022-09-23T16:13:16-06:00

Yes with Kanha integration to GPS tracking, Kanha tracks every phase of your delivery route helping to build efficiency and transparency.

Will my cannabis ERP software map my delivery routes?2022-09-23T16:12:11-06:00

Kanha builds efficiency within your business by integrating our CRM to Google maps and keeping your deliveries on track.

Is there a Cannabis software that integrates to state tracking systems?2022-09-23T16:10:21-06:00

Yes If your government offers an API, Kanha can integrate and automatically transmit data even during down times.

Please contact us if you need more information or if you want to start utilizing Kanha Distribution software.

Colorado Cannabis Manufacturing trucker

“Kanha automatically updates my phone’s Google Maps and helps me make every delivery on time.”

Jackson H.

How Kanha automatically runs your entire distribution.

Kanha Distribution runs your entire distribution business. Take in merchandise via Purchase Order with automatic PO creation via Manifest. Then subdivide or consolidate packages for distribution. For California customers Cultivation Tax and Excise Tax are automatically calculated. When you’re ready to transfer product, Kanha spins up the Manifest for you, saving you 20 minutes each time and creates your Sales Invoice. Get payment from your customer via cash, debit or credit card.

Run Distribution from anywhere

Kanha provides Android and iOS apps so you aren’t chained to your desk. These have full functionality, just like running Kanha on your computer.

Unlimited user profiles

Kanha allows you to run your entire business cycle: Purchasing, Inventory, Packaging, Sales, and Fulfillment in easy bite-sized steps that can be used by one or many people simultaneously in the workplace.

Automated Live Analytic reporting

Track the progress of your business with dozens of Kanha analytics that can be used to create any dashboard, showing you in real-time what your business is doing. No day old reports ever again!

Kanha improves efficiency of your business processes

Software should improve the efficiency of internal and business processes. Kanha achieves this by automating numerous operations that required manual labor in the past. If the software can complete the work, we firmly think that it should. Kanha enables you to carry out every task as swiftly and efficiently as possible, including purchasing, production, reporting, and sales.

Kanha Software cultivation farm

Learn how Kanha manages your production procedures.

The manufacturing software from Kanha is designed to manage each step of your production processes. Create intricate processes and automate them with ease. Thus making you automatically GMP ready just by implementing our software. By creating numerous concurrent production calendars that keep track of your workers and the inventory required to finish the operations, Kanha also enables you to manage your production processes. Kanha automates calculations based on input potency so that your employees may do their work fast without the use of chemists or complicated equations. You can cut down on human error and save time by using these automated computations.