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Kanha Dispensary Software has eliminated most of the time and effort needed to operate a dispensary, which takes a lot of work. Stop wasting time and money with other so-called solutions that don’t actually work.

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Learn the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding dispensary software.

The same questions concerning Cannabis Dispensary software keep coming up at Kanha, it seems. The Dispensary questions and answers can be found below.

What’s the best Dispensary POS reporting?2022-09-23T16:24:23-06:00

Kanha dispensary is built on the same world scale framework that we use to run large cannabis operations and manufacturing facilities. Giving you the customer access to detailed reporting and analytics.

Is there a Dispensary POS with self-checkout?2022-09-23T16:23:30-06:00

Kanha is the only self service POS/CMS in the industry that allows customers to scan items with their phone and add them to their cart inside of a dispensary. Kanha is a fully self service experience for you customers.

Is there a Dispensary POS that connects to METRC or state track and trace?2022-10-05T16:36:26-06:00

Kanha communicates with the state in the background allowing you to focus your running your dispensary. Even if your state system is down, Kanha will spool the data and resend when the system comes back up.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or if you’d want to start using Kanha Dispensary software.

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Discover how this innovative Dispensary POS is a game changer by doing everything you need to run your business.

Kanha offers dispensaries the tools needed to run efficiently.

Kanha offers dispensaries cutting edge tools to run their business. Kanha Dispensary has great understanding of the challenges that dispensaries and retail facilities face in an ever changing market. There is a huge need for user configurability and customization within the cannabis space. Kanha allows you to refine your experience and interface to fit the specific roles of everyone within your organization.

Kanha is unique in the cannabis space in that we have an extremely robust backend which allows our users to have extremely detailed visibility and reporting on every aspect of the business. Kanha also provides very high level analytic graphics which allow our users to visualize any key data point within their business. The best part is reporting and analytics are all part of your Kanha subscription. If we don’t have a report or analytic graphic currently. We are happy to add it to meet your specifications at no additional fee.

Automatic customer Cannabis Daily tracking.

Monitors the consumer’s daily cannabis allowance automatically. Which keeps your store in compliance. Stop worrying about calculating the amount during purchase. Kanha also has a 99.95% guaranteed uptime, learn more here.

Online ordering and in store customer scanning.

Bridges the gap between online purchasing and the in store retail experience by allowing customers to use their phone to scan items and place an order without engaging with a budtender.

Start accepting all major Credit Cards online and in store.

Adds the ability to accept all major credit cards, Google and Apple pay to purchase cannabis. You will be the hero for your customers.

Kanha processes CBD and THC sales faster than any other POS.

One of the greatest challenges cannabis and cbd retailers face is the time it takes to process a sale. Add to that workforce challenges (cannabis turnover is higher than any other industry) and servicing your customers in a timely manner can be a battle. With Kanha’s customer scan option. Your dispensary customers can browse the shop and complete and order with only a smartphone. Your customers can complete a traditional online order via your catalog, browse the store and scan items into their cart while they wait or engage in a traditional buying experience with your bud tenders.

Kanha also continues to build out our integrations which include state level track and trace systems. We offer an extremely robust Quickbooks integration. Kanha also offers integrations for key industry software like Hypur, Leaflink, Google maps and calendar and if we don’t have an integration we are happy to build the integration you need.

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Kanha Dispensary POS includes complete automated reporting.

Kanha also offers industry leading reporting and analytics. Kanha is not just a POS. No more exporting data from your POS to an analytics or reporting system. No more concerns about data integrity and transparency. Kanha also has deep levels of integration into state level track and trace systems. Our API integrations provide the highest level of functionality in the industry. All of these communications can be performed in real time or submitted by a manager/supervisor after approval. We also store data to retransmit when the state system has an outage. No worries about Kanha having an outage. Kanha is one of the only software providers in the industry to provide a service level agreement. And ours is 99.95% uptime.