About Kanha and why it’s leading the Cannabis Industry

Kanha is the most streamlined ERP software in the cannabis industry. Everyone at Kanha is passionate about innovating cutting edge solutions for everyone involved in the cannabis industry.

What does a Cannabis Software have in common with NASA & Microsoft?

During his time with Microsoft Orland directed the process of restructuring the entire platform for the heat shield tracking system for the space shuttle. This change cut costs for the system by 50%.

In 2014 Orland recognized the need for powerful cannabis software. Orland partnered with cannabis industry leaders to develop the most streamlined experience for users while also providing industry leading oversight, management and extensive reporting and analytics for the cannabis world.

Kanha is driven by a culture of continuous innovation and that same DNA that powered the change for the shuttle now powers the most powerful solutions for every segment of the cannabis industry.

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Kanha Software is trusted by these Brands, Universities, & Governments

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The reason Kanha is different than other ERP Cannabis software.

When Kanha entered the cannabis software market in 2014 we noticed a surprising gap in technology between the cannabis and traditional business space. The cannabis market was full of offerings that either weren’t robust enough to handle all aspects of a cannabis business or attempts to repurpose traditional ERPs for the cannabis industry. Kanha has a deep understanding of the cannabis space drawing on our founder’s experience as a principal software architect for the Microsoft corporation. We bring the most cutting edge technology and systems to the cannabis space and make it easy to use.

At its core Kanha is a software development group with a focus on Cannabis. What does that mean for our customers? Constant innovation. We evolve as the cannabis industry evolves, and we are able to meet the specific needs of markets all around the globe. We are customer driven. Don’t see a function that you need? It may be in the works and if it’s not we are always happy to build. Can’t find the report you want? We’ll build it for you at no fee. We aren’t content with customer satisfaction. Customer delight is our overarching goal.

News: Kanha helps Ukraine with Software and Finances.

When the world saw the Russian invasion of Ukraine and viewed all the refugees on TV, Orland positioned Kanha to help financially and meet all their Cannabis software needs.

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Additional Software Credits

  • NASA Space Shuttle HST System
  • US Unemployment Insurance System
  • Multiple Banking Systems
  • Government and Fortune 500 projects

Kanha was built from the ground up with Global Scale in mind. The same technology that runs the World’s Fortune 500 companies and Governments is what can power your business too.

Kanha is more than a cannabis software it’s a group of people that care.

The founder of Kanha Technology Solutions is Orland Yee. Educated at Colorado State University then Harvard University. Orland worked as a Principal Software Architect at Microsoft for 12 years. His job was to build software systems that run Fortune 500 Corporations and Government. During his work at Microsoft, Orland was exposed to and contributed to the expansion of the Microsoft Enterprise tool set that runs one third of the world’s data. This tool set is the most reliable, extensive, maintainable, scalable, and secure set of tools to build world-scale Web Applications that require high transactional throughput and rock-solid durable data repositories.

Orland brings this same level of expertise and tool set knowledge to the cannabis industry starting in 2014 with the release of Kanha’s first product – Kanha Manufacturing. At the time, there were no cannabis producing/manufacturing focused software systems on the market. In our products there are many features that are not present in any other system on the market. Every month we release new features and functionality in our Continuous Innovation program which adds capability to the platform each month.