Availability - Our uptime target is 99.99%.  In past implementations, we have surpassed that target

Reliability - Our business continuity strategy ensures that you remain up and going on the Kanha CMS system 24x7.

Traceability - Our system is designed with transaction foot-printing so every bit of data can be traced through the entire flow of all relevant locations, allowing auditing for correctness and completeness using traceability to find a particular transaction.

Dependability - Along with our system Attributes, KTS has designed means within the system with fault prevention to break fault-error chains and prevent them from being incorporated into Kanha CMS.

Scalability - No matter how big or small your business is or grows to be, Kanha CMS is designed by our award winning architect so that the system can accommodate your growth.

Flexibility - Kanha CMS has the flexibility to cater to your unique manufacturing processes that makes your company what it is. We have the ability to build out capacity that is unique to your business so that you can remain competitive in your market.

Secure-ability - Our data is encrypted at rest and in flight, so you can be sure your customer data is safe, protected and accessible at all times. We worry about backing up your data to multiple encrypted copies and have the best practice security measures on keeping your data safe and secure.